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Review of Hyster Forklifts...

The Hyster company, established over eighty years ago, has become one of the largest if not the largest forklift manufacturer in the world. They have plants in America, Europe and Japan. With their Research and Development Center in the United States, Hyster Forklift Company is at the forefront of technology and design.

Hyster offers over one hundred and forty different models of forklifts and have been making them since the late 1920's. Their name originated from the loggers in the Northwest who would cry out "Hoist'er" when they were ready to lift a load. In 1934, the company changed its name to Hyster and was soon employed during the war for unloading ships. They grew and grew and the rest is history. Today, Hyster forklifts are synonymous with the business.

Hyster offers six types of forklifts, which range in order of the load they can carry, greatest to smallest. These are: IC cushion tire, IC pneumatic tire, electric counterbalanced, narrow-aisle, motorized hand, and manual pellet truck. IC stands for internal combustion, as in the type of fuel it requires. They offer six models of cushion tire forklifts. They can lift between 2,500 and 15,000 pounds of weight. They are all sit-down riders and are counterbalanced.

Hyster forklifts offer ten models of IC pneumatic tire lifts. These too are all sit-own riders and counterbalanced. Since these forklifts' tires are designed for rough terrain they can also carry more; up to 105,000 pounds. They offer six models of electric counterbalanced forklifts. These machines are for indoor use, with cushioned tires but are designed to lift only 4,000 pounds.

The narrow-aisle Hyster forklifts are designed for getting products down from shelves in a warehouse or retail store setting. They come in narrow and very narrow and their eleven designs can lift up to 5,000 pounds. These include specific furniture movers and also, the turret design to give a wide range of movement. The motorized hand forklifts are much simpler and are mostly for stacking or towing. These can lift up to 15,000 pounds but are typically for the 3 to 5,000 pound range. Their two models of the basic hand pulled pallet truck - what you'd most often see in a retail store - are able to lift 5,000 pounds.

Hyster forklifts lead the world in forklift design, reliability and technological advances. They are priced accordingly but are in abundance on used forklift websites the world over.



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